Kellys' Directories 

Northamptonshire 1890

In PDF format, this genealogical CD is exactly what the Family and Local Historian needs.
Who lived where and what did they do?
440 pages list the Hundreds, and Poor Unions. It is stated under each parish , in what Petty Sessional Division, Hundred, Union and County Court District and Division of the County, pursuant to the Redistribution Of Seats Act, 1885, as also in what Diocese, Archdeaconry and Rural Deanery it is situate; and the College or University of every beneficed Clergyman have been given as far as they can be ascertained; the population from the Census of 1881 is given, and the Post Office Savings Banks and Government Annuity and Insurance and Telegraph Offices have been noted; the names of the Parish Clerks are given under each Parish; lists of Farm Bailiffs of Gentlemen farming their own land have been added, with a Table of Agricultural Statistics.
The County Coucils created under the Local Governemnt Act 1888, will be found duly inserted, with the names and addresses of the Members.

An absolute Goldmine of information.

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